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The Deadheads of Livejournal.

A Deadhead Community.
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Welcome to gratefulhead, Livejournal's very own community for Deadheads!

Here, you can:

Post about Grateful Dead (or dead bands, like Ratdog or the Jerry Garcia Band,) or shows you have been to, experiences involving their shows, or hanging out with the band.

Talk about what the Dead mean to you, and what kind of influence they've had on your life.

Post information about tapes you have, or requests for tapes you wish you had. Trade with us!

Find people who share your love for the Dead, and other hippies in general. =)

Just find someone friendly to talk to!

For Grateful Dead (and other Dead bands,) lyrics, I use the site http://www3.clearlight.com/~acsa/intro.htm. It is wonderful. =)

We ask you nicely:

Please don't do anything in here that would break livejournal's TOS. If you do, I am going to have to ban you. I'm sure we won't have to worry about that, though. =)

You can talk about drugs, or drug experiences, but please do not ask anyone where you can buy, if they will sell, or things along those lines. Since that would not only get you guys in trouble, but me as well since I am the moderator, I really must be strict about this. If you ask for drugs, I will ban you. I don't want to see you go! Please just don't do it!

If you are posting pictures (and we love pictures!), please use an LJ Cut. This is for people with slow internet connections, or for those of us who browse at work.

Love your brothers and sisters! If you flame someone, or act like a jerk, you are not welcome here. We live for peace, and want to be happy. If you are making it difficult to live in happiness, you are definitly not welcome. Not only will you have bad karma, I'm also going to ban you.

This community was founded by hammersickle, for all the lj-deadheads. If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please contact either me, or my co-moderator, phried. We'd be glad to help you with anything. =)