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i want this. I want this SO BAD!!!!
me and the kid
my_onlystar wrote in gratefulhead
saw it at a smoke shop in Gainsville FL. My old man and I are on a road trip across the states, so anytime i find some sweet dead stuff i will post it up here.

If anyone knows of any sweet places to stop and check out feel free to let me in on it and maybe we can stop there too.

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(Deleted comment)
yes we are. we started in Daytona Bch FL. Right now we are in TN at the Smokey Mountains then NC and headed north from there. Then across the top down thru Organ and Cali and back to Florida along the bottom. avoiding the bible belt most the trip.

That is too cool! Looking forward to seeing any more cool Dead stuff you come across. :D

(Deleted comment)
nope... =( we wont make it there in time at all.

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